Throw a towel over your shoulder and let's get cooking!

whether you're comfortable following recipes or terrified of your instant Pot, you're in the right place. my goal is to help you grow your confidence around cooking and show you that truly incredible food can come from your own home.

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I'm a stay at home mom and wife in Austin, Texas who developed a passion for feeding the people I love and creating community around my kitchen table.  I’m adventurous and resourceful, so if it’s possible for me to do something myself instead of buying it or hiring it out, I usually give it a try! Scratch cooking brings me a sense of pride and accomplishment that I get to experience on a daily basis as a way to express my creativity, exercise my talents, and care for my family and friends. 

Hello friend, I'm Hope!

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Jensen M.

The fact that she was able to turn a bowl of mushy tomatoes into the best pizza sauce I've ever eat in my life just amazes me. She then spread that amazing sauce on the best sourdough crust known to man. Incredible!

Francesca A.

I have learned so much about food and cooking since following Hope (@uglyyummies) ! From sourdough baking to homemade jams and jellies, Hope does it all. She is not afraid to make something that isn't the most aesthetically pleasing and she's not afraid to try something new. I have become more confident in the kitchen because of Hope and I can't wait to see where she takes UglyYummies next!

Allison B.

I've never eaten anything I didn't love that Hope has made! Her food is delicious, but more important, intentional. She deeply cares about how to nourish our bodies and souls through food. I've been encouraged to experiment more myself with homemade and whole ingredients because of what I've learned and tasted from her.